Rev. William Owens Congratulates President-Elect Trump


African American leader who called on black voters to leave Democratic Party notes that those who “voted their values” helped give Trump the election

Memphis, TN—November 9, 2016—Today, Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors, congratulated President-elect Trump for his stunning victory. Rev. Owens, who had urged black voters to abandon the Democratic Party and vote their values in this election, acted in his capacity as a private citizen to endorse Trump for President.

“Donald Trump asked black voters and Christians to give him a chance and that’s exactly what we did,” said Rev. Owens. “The Coalition of African American Pastors launched a sustained campaign to persuade black voters to stop letting themselves be used by the failed policies and empty promises of Democratic politicians. It is clear that this is a message that resonated with many voters and helped make Mr. Trump our next president.”

Rev. Owens went on to discuss how important the presidential election was for those who embrace faith, family, and traditional marriage.

“We now know that the vacancy on the Supreme Court will be filled by a justice who will not bend the Constitution in service of an extremist agenda, “ said Rev. Owens. “For me and many others, that was one of the most important issues of the election. Mr. Trump deserves congratulations for winning a hard-fought campaign, and we hope to work with him in the future to make this a country that respects and protects religious freedom and traditional values.”