Our Christian Civil Rights Movement


In a recent article in One News Now, CAAP President Rev. William Owens was quoted about the need to create a Christian Civil Rights Movement to stand up for marriage and our civil rights. CAAP will be at the forefront of that movement, and will help organize a response that will show the country that we will not give up our faith so easily. Read more from the article below, or go here to join RISE and be part of that movement.

Coalition ignites Christian civil rights movement

In reaction to the Supreme Court legalizing unnatural marriage, a coalition recently met in Dallas to develop a plan of action to protect religious rights.

Pastor Bill Owens of the Coalition of African-American Pastors met with the delegation in Dallas and says religious rights of Christians have been harmed by the Supreme Court decision and will continue to be in the future. Owens tells OneNewsNow the reason is the Church was not an effective force in the battle for biblical marriage.

“We never galvanized the masses of the Christians, and so we met in Dallas to start a movement, really like that of the civil rights movement, but a Christian rights movement, because they’re stripping us of all of our Christian rights,” the pastor laments. “To offset this, we must have a movement.”

And he calls on Christians to respond.

Owens says the first phase of the Christian civil rights movement is to draw attention to businesses that support the homosexual activist movement.

“We’re going to pick a major store chain to boycott. We’ve already picked the boycott,” he explains. “We’re not announcing which one yet, but we’ll boycott one day all over the country and let them know that they cannot talk out of both ends of their mouths by supporting everything the gay community does.”

Owens asserts it will take an organized national effort supported by a galvanized Church and Christians effectively standing in the gap. As for himself, he plans to spend the rest of his life fighting for the civil rights of Christians.