Justice Pledge


For decades, African Americans have been one of the most reliable supporters of the Democratic Party, even while its platform began to espouse values that are not widely embraced in the black community. The nomination of Secretary Hillary Clinton as the party’s candidate for President, however, is the last straw.

A Hillary Clinton Presidency would be a disastrous continuation of the failed policies that have destroyed the moral fabric of America.

The Democrat policies supported by Hillary Clinton (who has stated that the unborn do not have Constitutional rights) have resulted in the deaths of 58 million American babies since 1973. Along with support for the LGBT agenda and the attack on religious liberty and traditional marriage, failed Democrat policies have contributed to the destruction of the family and the decay of our inner cities.

Most of all, we cannot accept a candidate who so starkly represents the failure of  our justice system. 56% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton should have been indicted. But she escapes punishment, while the poor languish in prisons for menial crimes. So much for equal rights and justice under the law.

In recognition of the failures, we make the following pledge:

We, the undersigned, can no longer ignore the Democratic Party’s endorsement of policies and practices that are antithetical to our values. As such, we pledge that we will no longer automatically support the Democratic Party and its candidates (as we might have in the past). Instead, we choose to start our own movement for faith, family, and justice, supporting only those electoral candidates with a clear and proven commitments to those core values. Moreover, we pledge to spread the word to family and friends as to how we have been misled by the Democratic Party and urge them to follow their conscience, not party lines, when it comes to their vote.