CAAP Holds Press Conference Denouncing Democratic Party Failures


On Thursday, Sept. 29th, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) held a press conference to bring attention to the ways in which the Democratic Party has failed the African American Community.

From the CBN News report:

“Support for Hillary Clinton will continue to subject blacks to the same unsustainable policies implemented by President Lyndon Johnson, who issued crumbs and enslaved black families through programmatic handouts to keep them under control and dependent,” CAAP President Rev. William Owens said in a speech at the National Press Club.

While Owens did not endorse a specific candidate, he urged the attendees to think about the next generation when they hit the voting blocs this election season.

“We will not allow the pandering of politicians to mortgage our children’s future with deceitful promises they have no intentions to keep,” he said.

He asked black voters to take an honest assessment of the past and of the future.

“The facts are undeniable; there are more black families on welfare than at any other time in modern history. No community can thrive on food stamps,” the CAAP statement read.