Pastors Group Calls for End to Kavanaugh Confirmation “Circus”

CAAP criticizes Republican leadership for allowing unsubstantiated smears to delay vote

Henderson, NV—Sept. 24, 2018—Today, Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), criticized Republican leadership for allowing the confirmation vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to be delayed in response to Democrat smear tactics.

“Brett Kavanaugh has served his country with integrity. He has an exemplary record going back more than three decades,” stated Rev. Owens. “Now, his reputation has been maligned and his character attacked via an unsubstantiated allegation from when he was in high school. This is absurdity.”

“There is nothing to indicate that we should take these accusations seriously. From the moment they became public, it was clear that even the Democrats did not have faith in their veracity and were only hoping to manipulate the process,” continued Rev. Owens. “However, even if the allegation were true and Brett Kavanaugh did make a mistake at age 17, his years of unblemished service since are testimony to a man who has matured and gone on to live a good life. Are we really a country that would punish a man for a 36-year-old mistake rather than forgive him for the sins of his youth?”

Rev. Owens concluded: “The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have become an offense to decency and common sense. We, the people, have grown sick of this political posturing and partisanship. And we are unwilling to see a man’s character smeared for political gain – that’s why CAAP has launched a petition calling for a quick and civil confirmation vote. The Republican leadership must stop entertaining this obvious and manipulative smear campaign and put an end to this circus before it does further harm to our country. It’s time to vote.”