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More than two decades later, I can still remember where I was when we got the news. The towers fell, the Pentagon was hit, a field in Pennsylvania bore the wreckage of another flight ... and nothing would ever be the same again. Though...
Good news! Your letters and calls have made a difference! Due to the public outcry over the news social studies curriculum, the Texas State Board of Education has decided to postpone today's scheduled votes on the revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.
Last week, I wrote to warn you about the new proposed curriculum for social studies in Texas K-8 education.  The new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards would replace traditional American values and history with a leftist worldview that values the "global citizen" over the principles...
When you read about indoctrination in the classroom and radical leftist teaching infiltrating children's lessons, you might think that it's only a problem for people in California or New York. Not true. It's coming to every school in our nation. Even Texas.
You could probably say that defending Christian values comes naturally to the keynote speaker for this year's CAAP gala. Before he was a Congressman from Utah, Burgess Owens was an All-American defensive back for the University of Miami, a first round draft pick, a New...
The drive for mandatory pronouns, removal of due process, and men in women's sports came up against real opposition this week. SAVE - a coalition of organizations united to oppose the Biden administration's new Title IX rules - held its first major rally in Washington, DC.
On Friday, October 14, 2022, CAAP will hold its annual gala, featuring keynote speaker Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT). The theme of this year's gala will be "Guardians of Education" as we reflect on our responsibility to end leftist indoctrination in schools and defend parents' rights in education.
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The government thinks it is a better parent than you. That's the only possible conclusion to draw from the latest efforts to push parents out of the schoolroom and engage in full indoctrination on issues like transgender ideology and critical race theory.
Coming soon to a school district near you: "Queer all school year" and transgender ideology for young children. The Daily Caller has exposed the new "trans-affirming" curriculum developed by the Los Angeles Unified School District (California's largest public school district).  The program features...

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