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I did not march in the civil rights movement to see racism used as a cudgel to "cancel" others or promote a radical, segregationist agenda. But that's exactly what's happening in our culture. It's part of a toxic mixture of leftist politics, internet mob...
In the newest episode of Wisdom for Today (recorded 3/8/21), Bill and Deborah talk about parenthood and the different roles played by mothers and fathers. Visit our website at: http://wisdomfortoday.net/‚Äč Donate and help keep our show going! https://secure.anedot.com/institute-for-faith-family-freedom-and-the-black-church/wisdom-for-today
The so-called "Equality Act" (also known as HR5) is a classic case of false advertising. Rather than promote equality and guarantee civil rights, it takes them away. Religious freedom and the rights of women and girls are both under threat from this bill that would make sexual...
In her recent appearance on the Brian Brown Show, Dr. Deborah Owens (Executive Director of CAAP) talks about the politically-motivated attack on CAAP's nonprofit status. To see more on this issue go to our recent post. To contribute to our Defense...
The IRS has threatened to remove CAAP's non-profit status, and CAAP is fighting back! Read the letter from the IRS revoking CAAP's status below as well as our protest/appeal. To for background on this fight, be sure to check out Deborah's interview with Brian...
You've probably seen the ads and news stories about the Georgia run-off election, and wondered if they were exaggerating the importance of this vote. They weren't. Tomorrow, the people of Georgia go to the polls in a run-off election that will...
In the most recent episode of Wisdom for Today, Deborah talks about the importance of hope - especially in our current climate of anxiety, uncertainty, and negativity. Donate: https://secure.anedot.com/coalition-of-african-american-pastors-usa/wisdom-for-today Get your copy of "A Dream Derailed": http://adreamderailed.com/
This year posed a profound question for our culture about how far we had gone down the path of total secularism and materialism. As the pandemic and lockdown closed all "non-essential" businesses, churches were among the groups that were heavily targeted by certain state governors.
Few people realize how much power the federal government has when it comes to defining religious freedom in this country - especially in practical things. While the president sets the tone and example for the government to follow, there are dozens of ways that a faith-based organization...

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