The Texas Senate is trying to help parents take back our schools.

Last week, I wrote about some of the parents rights and school choice legislation that has been passed. Those are important measures in the fight to stop indoctrination and give parents more control over their children’s education.

But we can do better than just stopping the bad. We need to promote the good as well.

So I was very pleased to learn that the Texas Senate has also passed SB1515, which would require public schools in Texas to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

Imagine a world where the fundamental moral code for life was laid out in simple black and white in every schoolroom. That’s what Texas is trying to accomplish. The Texas Senate has also passed a bill that would allow public schools to set aside time for students and staff to participate in an optional period for prayer and reading the Bible.

It’s wonderful to see Christian principles finding their way back into public schools.

Never forget that God has been chased out of our schools as part of an organized and planned political agenda. The Left and the LGBTQ+ activists haven’t tried to hide their intent. To the contrary, they outlined it all in a manifesto that made it clear their objective was to gain control over schools, academia, government, and entertainment.

And they have been far too successful in those aims. We have allowed God to be removed from the public square. When God disappeared from our schools and public places, perversion and indoctrination crept in, targeting the most vulnerable of all – the children. As a result, we have drag queen story hours and schools that are eager to promote transgenderism to students – even trying to help children “change” their gender over a parent’s objections and without parental consent.

Thanks to leftist indoctrination, children are being taught to despise their country, their faith, and their parents. They are being encouraged to take hormones that will make them sterile and could cause cancer. They are being pushed towards permanent, life altering surgery. Let’s call this what it is: it is butchery. It is evil.

That is why we need to bring God back into the classroom. Faith is the only thing that can turn the tide. That’s why I’m so pleased to hear about Texas’ efforts to display the Ten Commandments in school.

This is an important bill, but getting through the Texas Senate is only the first step. It also needs to pass the House. The House Committee on Public Education has scheduled a hearing for the Ten Commandments bill on May 2, 2023. If you’re a Texas resident, please contact your representative and let him or her know how you feel about this bill. If you’re not from Texas, contact your own state legislators and urge them to bring God back to the classroom.

Finally, I want to ask you to pray for our children, our schools, and our country. We need to bring God back into our public life, and to do so we need His help and guidance.