Something is broken in the way we discuss crime and criminality.

Like everything else, fairness and facts have been completely overwhelmed by the need of some parties to push a particular political narrative.

Thus, there are crimes that never get any kind of media attention, despite being part of alarming trends that should affect our voting decisions – like the rampant drug use and petty theft that is chasing businesses out of some cities. Due to the “defund the police” movement and a push for drug legalization, those cities do little to combat the crime and leave local residents and businesses to fend for themselves.

Then you have the big headlines that are exploited to push a specific political agenda. This is especially obvious when the media’s take mirrors the presidential administration’s goals. 

In the meantime, the language about crime becomes polarized along political lines and too few people think about the victims. “Mostly peaceful protests” destroy minority neighborhoods, but no one comments on the damage done because it frustrates a political goal. Facts that might discredit LGBT+ propaganda or critical race theory are swept under the rug.

It’s disheartening to see human tragedy turned into another tool for political polarization.

Of course, we can’t control what others do. We can hope, we can pray, we can criticize, but the only actions we can really take is to set an example of how to behave.

In other words, we must demonstrate Christian charity and love, even when faced by the frustrating example of the politicization of crime.

I have noticed that some individuals have little to no sympathy or empathy for others who are not of their political persuasion. If you call yourself a Christian this is WRONG! We should show sympathy, empathy and mercy to all, especially to our sisters and brothers in Christ despite their politics. 

There is no Christian charity in celebrating someone else’s misery. It is not Christ-like to wish for their downfall. Yes, we can pray that others will see truth and change their ways, but that does not include hoping for their misfortune. 

Remember that the best way to demonstrate the strength of Christian principle is to do as Jesus would do. Let them see truth through our love and compassion, not through petty political disputes.