“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”: – 1 Corinthians 13:6

Since our founding, CAAP has been standing up for Biblical values and advocating for policies that reflect Christian principles. We rose to fame when we called out then-President Obama for his gay marriage flip-flop, but the soul of CAAP has always been in our staunch defense of faith, family, and freedom.

You can even read this article – now a decade old – where I wrote about the importance of the Bible to Black America and it should be our guide in setting the future of our country.

From that historical standpoint, I have to admit that it has been discouraging to see how far our culture has fallen from truth and morality.

A society that is no longer willing to accept indisputable biological truths – to say that there is such a thing as a woman, that a woman is not a man, and that a man can not have babies – is a society that has truly lost its way.

And in this moment when a confused and rudderless culture needs a strong sense of faith and purpose, too many Christians have looked at the problem, shrugged their shoulders, and said nothing. Maybe they’re afraid of offending others or getting “cancelled.”┬áMaybe they’ve decided that nothing can be done but to look after their own. Maybe they’re confused as well. Whatever the explanation, it has led to an even greater chasm between good and evil in our country.

What has happened in our country is truly terrible to see. There was a time when it was possible to disagree with one another respectfully.

Now, civility has gone by the wayside. And as we have devolved, we have lost spiritual ground. 

It’s going to take a people grounded in faith and the truth of God’s word to push back evil. Truth is key here – we have to remember that it is not sensitive or tolerant to allow lies and evil to flourish. We can disagree and proclaim truth respectfully, but we cannot shy away from what truth is.

Christians of all backgrounds and races must unite if we are to make a difference. Otherwise, we will see the values that make our country great degraded past the point of repair.

CAAP is not a political organization though we do try to affect policies that are good for faith, family and freedom. However, one can’t ignore what is happening in the political landscape.

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We must pray for our leaders as the Bible instructs us. Let’s pray for those who are fighting for our values and who are under attack for it. Remember also that this is an election year, and we have a grave responsibility before us. We must see through the smears and attacks and propaganda and decide how we can move our country toward greater faith and truth. 

With the Bible to guide us – along with the courage of our faith – we can move mountains.