Help us keep kids safe at school!


It seems like summer is still winding down, but all over the country kids are getting ready to go back to school.

That means that the requests are coming in to Mission: Education to help those students and schools that are sorely in need of supplies for the coming school year.

One request in particular caught my attention – a plea for clear backpacks for the students at Royal Junior High, a small district here in Texas.

Last year, we gave a grant to an elementary school that allowed that school to purchase clear backpacks for their students. The students and teachers were so grateful to receive safe, functional backpacks and supplies! Until you see it with your own eyes, you have no idea how many students are forced to attend schools with inadequate materials.

Now, I’m asking you to help us respond to this plea through a donation that will allow us to purchase more backpacks for students in need.

I was especially moved by this request for assistance because it came from a small school district – one that is often overlooked. Larger schools tend to attract the attention of local charities, but the small schools often have to plead for basic necessities.

We started Mission: Education because we wanted to help schools in need, especially the schools that serve high-risk, high-poverty communities. It doesn’t matter where you live, a donation to help Mission: Education is an act of love that brings Christian charity to a needy student.

We’ve already secured $250 from a local supporter to purchase backpacks for the school. But we need more funding if we want to ensure that every student at Royal Junior High receives the supplies he or she needs.

If you would like to help Mission: Education in our efforts to help at-risk children and needy schools, please consider making a generous gift today. Even a donation of $25 or $50 would make a big difference! 

Mission: Education seeks to act as the hands and feet of Jesus in America‚Äôs at-risk classrooms. Won’t you help us start the school year with an act of love and charity?