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When I warned about the slippery slope that would lead to the ascendance of transgender ideology, even I didn't imagine that the radical Left would go this far. Not many people will admit it - in fact, it's being covered up by the media...
In the most recent episode of Wisdom for Today, Deborah talks about the importance of hope - especially in our current climate of anxiety, uncertainty, and negativity. Donate: https://secure.anedot.com/coalition-of-african-american-pastors-usa/wisdom-for-today Get your copy of "A Dream Derailed": http://adreamderailed.com/
This year posed a profound question for our culture about how far we had gone down the path of total secularism and materialism. As the pandemic and lockdown closed all "non-essential" businesses, churches were among the groups that were heavily targeted by certain state governors.
It's time to have a serious conversation about what a Biden presidency is going to mean for Biblical values. After a strange election in an even stranger year, it's understandable that this topic has been overlooked somewhat. But for those of us who are...
Few people realize how much power the federal government has when it comes to defining religious freedom in this country - especially in practical things. While the president sets the tone and example for the government to follow, there are dozens of ways that a faith-based organization...
If you didn't know the difference a single Supreme Court seat can make, then the most recent religious freedom decision from the Court is a good example. Unfortunately, most people haven't heard about this case, which has gone mostly unremarked from the mainstream media.
On Monday evening, the Supreme Court finally changed direction. That's when the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett's nomination. With Justice Barrett now part of our country's highest court, we have the first firm majority of constructionist, conservative justices in more than a generation.
The nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is a watershed moment for those who believe that the text of the Constitution should take precedence over political biases, trends, or preferences. There is no doubt that...
In this episode of Wisdom for Today, Deborah discusses why real change has to come from people who build things, not destroy them. Get your copy of "A Dream Derailed": http://adreamderailed.com/

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