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Americans are tired of the divisive rhetoric. Since the election of President Trump, the amount of hateful and divisive rhetoric has been getting steadily worse. But over the past few months, it seems to have hit an all-time high. Not only...
Why has the discussion of race in America become so overwhelmed by anger? Think about how strange it is.  I have yet to meet a member of the public, liberal or conservative, who thinks that the death of George Floyd was...
In this episode, we look at the problem of racism in America - both what its roots are and how we can address it to make real change.
In this week's episode of Wisdom for Today, we talk about the need for leadership in the face of the country's unrest. (Filmed 6/2/20)
In the first episode of our new show, "Wisdom for Today," we talk about what is really needed to put an end to the violence that is tearing our country apart.
CAAP will be opening its new office in Texas and all members and partners are invited. Click here to RSVP.
On Sunday, May 31, Rev. Owens appeared on Fox and Friends along with several other faith leaders. Rev. Owens was there to advocate for peace amidst the riots and tensions that broke out following the death of George Floyd. You can watch the segment...
For years, we have noted an alarming Leftward shift in the priorities and platform of the Democratic Party. Once a place that welcomed more moderate and conservative views, the Party has become hostile to its Christian and more conservative members, even pushing them out of the Party...

He Is Risen!

Today is a glorious day! In the Christian tradition, there are so many names for Easter. It has been called "the Feast of Feasts" and "the Great Sunday." Because today is the day that Christ triumphed over death. Today we celebrate...
Good Friday is always a day for quiet meditation, and today is no different. But sometimes, the difficulties of the present can overwhelm one's efforts to contemplate more spiritual matters.  Perhaps you are concerned about your health - or the health...

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