“Pride Month” may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that the corporate effort to promote gender ideology will disappear. Companies like Target, Bud Light, and Disney haven’t been shy about their embrace of transgenderism. While June may be the month in which they are most vocal, the people who are pushing this agenda do so all year long.

 But there is good news.

The pushback against transgenderism is gaining momentum. The massive drop in Bud Light stock and similar spontaneous boycotts have politicians and corporations reconsidering the wisdom of pursuing a far Left agenda.

In other words, we’re gaining ground. But we can’t afford to stop at the first indications of progress.

The threat against womanhood – and especially against children – is still very real. The gender ideologues have seen so many victories in recent years that they aren’t going to give up.

We need to keep pushing and make it clear that we will not accept the movement to destroy womanhood. That’s why CAAP has launched the “I Am Woman” Declaration.

The Declaration is nothing less than a full defense of womanhood and a rejection of the attempts to strip the word “woman” of all meaning. It states:

We stand in defense of authentic, biological womanhood. Women should not be forced to give up or share a female-only space or category with biological men. They should not have to see themselves defined into nothingness or reduced to mere body parts. No one should struggle to define the word, “woman.”

We ask that leaders from all sectors of society – from politicians to CEOs and entertainers – reject gender ideology and the effort to redefine womanhood. If equality is to mean anything at all, we must celebrate and restore the authentic meaning of “woman.” If not for us, then for the sake of our mothers, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters.

If you agree, I urge you to join us by adding your signature to the “I Am Woman” Declaration, then sharing it with your friends and family.

CAAP has been fighting this battle for two decades. We were among those who spoke out against same-sex marriage, warning that this radicalism would not stop there. We stood against the Target bathroom policy and defended those who opposed similar policies in Texas and North Carolina. 

We have always been a strong voice for women and for Biblical values. And we will continue to do so for as long as we are needed. 

But we can use your help. Your donation will make it possible for us to keep doing our work. What’s more, you can help ensure that this message reaches more people. Won’t you prayerfully consider making the best donation you can today? Even a small gift like $25 or $50 can make a big difference.

For the first time in years, the Left’s push for transgenderism is stumbling. Not as the result of a law or a court case, but through the quiet defiance of millions of men and women who have just said, “enough.” We need to keep the pressure on. Please sign the “I Am Woman” Declaration to show your support, then make your gift to CAAP and join us in our fight to put America back on the right path.