Our nation is desperately in need of comprehensive immigration reform. We need a plan that will secure our borders, curb illegal immigration, create better standards and systems for legal immigrants, and consider the needs of citizens who have been harmed by unchecked illegal immigration.

In Washington, DC, politicians have been too concerned with partisanship to even attempt real immigration reform. Instead, they have let the problem grow. And people have suffered as a result.

It is time to put differences aside and act. As a national black-led advocacy organization, the Coalition of African American Pastors has seen the problems created by the current system. We feel that President Trump has proposed an excellent starting point for real immigration reform.

We call on Congress to adopt the following principles as a first step in immigration reform:

  • Secure borders, including funding for a barricade at the Southern border.
  • Funding for modernizing points of entry and enforcement of existing laws.
  • Ending chain migration by prioritizing merit-based standards for legal immigrants.
  • Approach continuing issues with compassion and respect for our country’s humanitarian values.

Please sign the petition below and show your support for sensible immigration reform!

We, the undersigned, join the Coalition of African American Pastors in demanding action on immigration. We ask that both parties in Congress use President Trump’s immigration plan as a first step in crafting sensible, compassionate immigration reform.