Sprite, a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola company has joined the ranks of companies attempting to cash in on “woke” advertising. (See the ad below.) In doing so, they have glorified gender dysphoria and made it clear that they have no respect for traditional values or their Christian customers.

In response, CAAP is leading a boycott of Sprite and other Coca-Cola products. Let them know that you will no longer purchase their products unless they abandon this marketing campaign that glamorizes and pushes the LGBTQ+ agenda.

We, the undersigned, represent parents, community leaders, pastors, and concerned Christians. We are deeply disturbed by the recent advertisements from Sprite, which attempt to glorify and glamorize issues related to gender dysphoria, a real psychological condition with grave mental health implications. Until these ads are discontinued, we pledge that we will no longer purchase Sprite or any Coca-Cola products.