Why has the discussion of race in America become so overwhelmed by anger?

Think about how strange it is. 

I have yet to meet a member of the public, liberal or conservative, who thinks that the death of George Floyd was anything but a tragedy. Most reasonable people would agree that the police are largely good, have a difficult job, and shouldn’t be tarred by the bad and evil among them. Reasonable people also agree that peaceful protest should be defended and violent rioters condemned. 

There is so much room for unity and healing in our country. Yet, when I look at our national discourse on race, it is dominated by anger, blame, and calumny.

This is not how we will stop racism. If anything, it will only further divide our country. As Deborah and I explain in a new article in Katy Christian Magazine, love – not anger – is the key to ending racism. We wrote:

We have forgotten that there is no black or white, no Jew or Gentile in the sight of God. We are all equal before Him, and we should strive to see each other as God sees us. That is, we should see each other as brothers and sisters, children of God.

But instead of seeing past race and ethnicity, we are stuck in a pattern of accusation and attack. I’ve even seen pastors get caught up in it, using their pulpit to indulge in the temptation to preach about race in a way that stokes division and hatred. Maybe they don’t see it that way, but it’s obvious that virtues like charity and mercy are being ignored in the rush to condemn and vilify. If your pastor is preaching racial division, you are in the wrong church.

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In the most recent episode of Wisdom for Today, we discussed a related issue: forgiveness. 

Love and forgiveness are  tied together, as one naturally flows from the other. Holding on to grievances prevents us from moving forward and finding peace. Without forgiveness, we will remain stuck in that place of permanent blame and anger.

There is a reason that the great American civil rights movement was steeped in faith. The Bible teaches us to love each other without limitations. We must love our neighbor despite his shortcomings. We must love our enemies and pray for them. 

Love is more powerful than anger. It allows us to show the truth of our cause and win over those who witness the grace of the Almighty in the simple act of love for one’s fellow man. As we wrote in the article:

“We should act as Christians and put our faith before party and politics. Of late, we have been too quick to deal in judgment and anger. That is not the way to healing and a better America. Let us work instead to spread love and see the humanity in each other.”

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Most important of all, please join us in praying for our country. Remember the words of Dr. King: “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”