On Monday evening, the Supreme Court finally changed direction.

That’s when the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination. With Justice Barrett now part of our country’s highest court, we have the first firm majority of constructionist, conservative justices in more than a generation.

When you think about how much the Supreme Court has affected our culture, from its rulings on abortion and marriage to its views on parents rights and religious liberty, you can see how important this confirmation was.

You deserve credit for this incredible victory. You helped support the confirmation of Justice Barrett through our petition campaign. You also supported the nominations of Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch. 

But that isn’t the only difference that mattered. You also supported candidates who would nominate and confirm judges who respect life, faith, and freedom. Without the support in the White House and Congress, we never would have seen a shift in the Supreme Court like this.

Which leads to one question: Will we keep it?

Liberal activist judges now make up a minority of the Court, but that could change very quickly. Not only does the Senate have the ability to block, stall, or defeat judges, but the nominations depend entirely on the man or woman in the White House.

President Trump promised to appoint conservative judges who abide by the text of the Constitution. And he has.

Biden, in contrast, has indicated that he will appoint the kind of liberal judges that struck down traditional marriage amendments and support unrestricted abortion. What’s more, Biden and his supporters have indicated that they want to “pack the court” with liberal judges. In other words, they want to nominate more Supreme Court justices – even if no one retires or steps down – increasing the number of judges to 11 or more. That way, he can tip the balance of the Court back to the left.

Never mind that it’s undemocratic. The left relies so much on the courts to push their agenda that they’ll do whatever it takes. If the Senate and White House switch hands in November, we could lose every gain we made in the last four years.

That’s why it’s important to get out there and vote on November 3rd. If you care about the future of our country, you need to make your voice heard.

Today, we accomplished something great for the future of religious freedom in America. But if we want to preserve our gains and our liberties, we need to spread the word: Vote your values!