It’s time to have a serious conversation about what a Biden presidency is going to mean for Biblical values.

After a strange election in an even stranger year, it’s understandable that this topic has been overlooked somewhat. But for those of us who are concerned about the defense of Christian rights, it’s time for some hard truths.

First, it’s worth mentioning that the outcome of the Senate campaign in Georgia will influence what is actually passed (and stopped) in the next two years. If the left controls Congress, we will see a lot of extreme legislation passed – and signed – by President Biden. But a more moderate Congress could diminish the influence of the far left and keep our country from falling further towards progressive socialism.

As for Biden himself … well, we know what he stands for from his time as Vice President. While President Obama was flip-flopping on same-sex marriage, Vice President Biden was already framing transgender rights as the next big struggle.

While he may appear to be moderate, on social issues, Biden follows the left wing of the party.

So we can expect President Biden to work hand-in-hand with the far left on issues that touch family, life, and religious freedom. Given that the left has already been trying to take over the party and silence more moderate voices, it’s likely that their positions will be even more extreme in the coming year.

That means that Biden will likely support taxpayer funding of abortion, an end to freedom of conscience/faith provisions that protect religious groups from having to participate in health plans that fund abortion or birth control, new restrictions on federal contracts for religious organizations, and a total capitulation to the LGBTQ agenda.

In other words, we are back to a situation where the federal government will require transgender bathrooms and allow boys to compete in girls’ sports. Where the sex ed curriculum is handed down to schools from an extremist Department of Education. Where abortion gets federal funding.

If we want to put a stop to this, we must be ready.

CAAP is working with other Christian and conservative groups to prepare for the attack on our values. You can help by making your year-end donation to CAAP.

Don’t mistake us. This is not an issue of partisanship. We have many friends who are Democrats (and friends who are Republicans). Our main concern is saving our country from the leftist socialists who want to strip away everything that made America great. Sadly, for now, it looks like President Biden is more interested in appeasing the left than fighting it. We plan to change his mind.