Divorce, custody issues, and the lack of two involved parents have done incredible harm to families and children in our country.

In many states (including Texas) the laws governing custody operate on an automatic presumption that favors the mother. Litigating for shared custody is expensive, so many children (especially low-income and minority children) are often stuck with the default solution, where the father is little more than a weekend visitor. This is also unfair to the parents, as dads are cut out of their children’s lives and moms must bear the burden of filling both parental roles.

But children are those who are hurt the most in the current system. The social science demonstrates that children who grow up in single parent homes (usually fatherless) are at risk for higher levels of suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, incarceration, behavioral problems, and teen pregnancy.

The Texas Legislature is currently considering HB803, a bill that would create a presumption in favor of shared parenting (unless one parent is unfit). This bill would make Texas custody law more equitable and help children and families going through the pain of divorce.

Sign the petition below and ask the Texas Legislature to consider and pass HB803 today!

We, the undersigned, believe that the current laws governing child custody are outdated and harmful to children. We ask that you consider and pass HB803, the “shared parenting” law and ensure that every child in Texas has the opportunity to grow up with two involved parents.