Every major poll makes it clear that people dislike critical race theory. They dislike the way it classifies individuals by the color of their skin, the way it denigrates our country, and the way it fuels racial division and the cult of victimization.

And yet, CRT has continued to spread, fueled on by the leftist agenda and politicians who believe that parents have no say in the classroom.

This leaves parents with only one choice – go to the polls and show the people in office what they think about the leftist agenda. And that is exactly what happened in Virginia on Tuesday. In what pundits have classified as a rebuke to CRT and the leftist approach to education, the Democratic front-runner, Terry McAuliffe lost to Republican Glenn Youngkin. What’s more, Virginians elected their first female Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears – a woman of color who joined Youngkin in opposing the teaching of critical race theory.

Is this a sign of things to come? Only if parents continue to voice their opposition to critical race theory and make their views clear to school board members and other elected officials.

As I mentioned in the most recent episode of Wisdom for Today, it all comes down to the importance of hope.

In this episode, I discuss the Book of Daniel and the importance of hope. The Bible teaches us that we should place our faith in God, and that we must never lose sight of our principles. We must act with virtue, we must stand for our values, and we must pray that God will watch over us. But in the end, we must remember to put our dependence on God, not politicians.

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The election in Virginia is a promising sign that we can stop critical race theory. But we have to keep working to educate parents on how to oppose its spread. Are you with us?