Rev. Owens Recalls the Civil Rights Movement


With all the talk about critical race theory of late, I believe that it’s helpful to look backward at the history of race and racism in this country.

The far left would have you believe that racism is written into the American founding. But if you speak to someone who actually participated in the civil rights movement, you’ll learn that patriotism and faith were what motivated those men and women to march for freedom.

In the most recent episode of Wisdom for Today, we are lucky to hear the remembrances of someone who experienced Jim Crow and segregation, marched in the civil rights movement, and did so out of love for our country. 

This special episode includes a recording of a presentation that Bill gave to a local pastors group this summer. This was part of the same event that featured Deborah’s presentation on critical race theory. In the video, Bill talks about his days in the movement and his personal journey.

As you may have noticed from the header of today’s message, we are currently celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month. Given that more than 800,000 lives are lost to abortion every year (on average), we need to help people understand that adoption is a wonderful, life-affirming choice. In addition to saving unborn lives, promoting adoption will also help the thousands of children stuck int he foster system.

Dr. Alveda King, a true warrior for life, will be the featured speaker at this week’s Standing in the Gap Benefit Luncheon. If you’re attending the benefit luncheon, we look forward to seeing you. In addition, we want to thank all the sponsors who helped make the luncheon possible

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