Difficult Times Call for Prayer and Hope


This is the time to remember that nothing is impossible with God.

This past Saturday after watching days of what is going on in Ukraine, I decided that I had to address it. How can I lead a national faith-based organization and not make a comment?  I wrote about how distressing it was to see Ukraine be attacked, and how we prayed for the people of Ukraine and hoped that they would prevail. (After all, the story of David and Goliath reminds us that the battle does not always go to the bigger and stronger combatant.)

That Facebook critic suggested that the time for faith and miracles had passed centuries ago. 

But I disagree. So much so that I sat down and recorded an episode of Wisdom for Today to address the situation in Ukraine and the need for faith.

Faith is real. Miracles can happen because in Him all things are possible.

History shows us that there is no need for the people of Ukraine to despair. Without getting involved in the politics of the situation, we can all be moved by the courage and humanity on display in the stories that we are hearing from Ukraine.

From a Christian and humanitarian perspective, we can only pray for peace. But whether you are thinking about the war in Ukraine or a personal situation of your own, do not forget to believe in miracles. The underdog can – and does – win sometimes.