Before we can appreciate the joy of Easter, the promise of eternal life, and our deliverance from sin, we must first understand the sacrifice and sorrow of Good Friday.

Today is a solemn day. It is the day that we remember Christ’s suffering and death on the cross – a torture He endured for us so that we might live forever in God’s light.

It is no coincidence that a day of such profound sorrow should come before the most joyful day of the year. Christ’s sacrifice had to occur if we were to experience God’s forgiveness and salvation. From a great evil came the greatest good.  

That is the mystery of Good Friday. Sorrow and joy, pain and salvation are mixed together, one giving meaning to the other.

It is an important lesson that not only can deepen our faith, but also bring us comfort at the difficult points in our own lives.

Today, we wish you a blessed Good Friday as we reflect on the sacrifice that saved and healed us.