If we have learned anything over the past two decades, it is that the LBGTQ+ lobby will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

They do not care what institutions they destroy or what the effect of these changes may be. Their only thought is to advance their political agenda with no regard for the consequences.

Now, they’ve turned their attention to transgender participation in women’s sports, or – to call it what it really is – forcing women to compete against biological men in the name of “equality.” Never mind that this is patently unfair, equivalent to allowing someone to compete while on steroids. The feelings of a tiny minority of transgender athletes outweigh considerations of fairness or the interests of biological women (who have had their own struggle to succeed in and be taken seriously in sports).

Act now! Sign CAAP’s petition to save women’s sports!

Several states – including Kentucky, Utah, and Kansas – have been pushing forward legislation that would restrict the participation of trans athletes in women’s sports. But they are being fought at every step by LGBTQ+ activists who spread misinformation about what this means for fair competition.

Meanwhile, women are speaking out against the unfair inclusion of biological men in their sport. The woman who tied transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA championships has gone to the media to describe how she was pushed aside by the NCAA officials who wanted to highlight Thomas’ “achievement.” (In the case of a tie, usually both swimmers share the podium, but in this case, the tying swimmer was left off so that the transgender swimmer could have the spotlight alone.)

In Australia, there’s an increasing awareness of the fact that men competing in women’s Olympic sports is about to come to a crisis point. In response, Olympic legend Emma McKeon has gone on record about how it’s “just not fair” to make female swimmers race against a biological male. 

A group of NCAA swimmers has even written an open letter about how their voice has been shut out of the discussion on transgender participation in women’s sports. After detailing the many ways in which a biological male holds an unfair advantage swimming against women, the letter adds, “This is not equality. Women’s standings, titles, records, and scholarships are suddenly at risk again. Opening the door to allowing natural born men to acquire precious, life altering financial aid packages often split up between multiple women per team defeats the very essence of the flagship legislation we are ironically celebrating this very year.”

Our sisters, daughters, and granddaughters need our support! Institutions like the NCAA are too afraid of the LGBTQ+ lobby to stand up for simple fairness. 

That’s why CAAP has launched a petition to save women’s sports. We are asking the NCAA to establish rules that require all participants in college athletics to compete in the division that reflects their biological sex.

Please sign the petition and share it with your friends and social networks. We must get the word out about this very real threat.

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For decades, we have watched the radical left destroy our cultural and social institutions. If women’s athletics is destroyed, what will the next victim be?