You could hardly have missed the fact that it’s “pride” month.

For thirty days, every year, companies put up rainbow logos, sell “pride” merchandise, and generally try to prove to the politicized consumer that they are “allies” of the LGBTQ+ community. Of course, they also cynically avoid that same display in regions where that position would hurt their bottom line – like China and the Middle East.

As Christians, we hold fast to Biblical teachings about marriage and sexuality. But our firm position in opposition to the LGBTQ agenda does not mean that we allow acts of hate and intolerance. But the far left would like to conflate those two very different things so that our Christian faith is labeled as “hate speech” and our beliefs are considered unacceptable.

This is what Pride Month has wrought. It’s not about tolerance. It’s not about love or marriage or living peacefully together in a large, mixed culture. Maybe the originators thought that would be the result, but we have seen the real fruit of the LGBTQ+ agenda: to indoctrinate children, divide families, undermine the very meaning of womanhood, and marginalize people of faith.

How can anyone be “proud” of that?

Of course, we must take some of the blame for what has happened in our country.

Too many people fell for the narrative that the same-sex marriage movement would stop there. They were cowed by those who called them “intolerant” for holding to their beliefs. Slowly, they let their principles slip in order to chase the approval of a small group of activists and celebrities.

Rather than be called names by neighbors and activists, we allowed the definition of marriage – of womanhood itself – to be distorted.

But that is in the past. The question before us is what we will do next. Will we continue our capitulation to the left? Will we give up defending women’s sports and our fundamental rights?

These are the things we must remember when we stay silent, accept the unacceptable, give money to those who despise us, or vote for those who don’t share our values.

If you are tired of being bullied in the name of “pride,” then the solution is in your hands. You only need the courage to stand up for your convictions.