CAAP Fights to Defend Marriage In Utah


Despite a court decision that undermined Utah’s ban on gay marriage, CAAP–along with a coalition of family groups–was at the forefront of those demanding that state leaders stand strong for marriage.

That courage was echoed in the media coverage, excerpts of which can be seen below.

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Traditional marriage groups urge Utah governor to keep fighting gay marriage


Eagar was joined by the Coalition of African American Pastors at a press conference at the Utah State Capitol on Wednesday. The organization traveled from Nevada to promote traditional marriage.

“Everybody who believes in God knows that it is unnatural for males to have a male wife or husband. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know what they call it,” Rev. Owens said. “For a woman to be married to a woman and talking about they’re in love and kissing, our children are seeing all of that stuff. What about our children? What kind of country are we going to leave for our young children?”

Owens wife, Dr. Deborah Owens called the Supreme Court decision an attack on people of faith to “satisfy a small number of individuals who claim that they want equality.”

Rev. Owens said he experienced segregation and lived through the African-American Civil Rights Movement, but he is offended by the many who compare the struggle of African Americans to that of the gay community.

“For the homosexuals to come in and to say that this is the same as the Civil Rights Movement that we had, where we suffered where we died,” Rev. Owens said, “our grandmothers, our mothers, our families marched, persecuted – for them to say that this is the same as the Civil Rights Movement is a disgrace.”


Coalition of African American Pastors ‘RISE’ to defend traditional marriage

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He was in the original civil rights movement, and now the founding president of the Coalition of African American Pastors is starting a new initiative to defend traditional marriage.

It’s called RISE, and according to the group’s website it’s a new movement for faith, family, and justice.

Bill Owens, founder of the CAAP, said marriage should be between a man and a woman, and he said he disagrees with LGBT individuals who call their campaigns the new civil rights movement. He said the two issues are not the same.


Traditional marriage supporters urge Utahns to keep fighting

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Rev. Bill Owens and his wife Dr. Deborah Owens lead the Coalition of African-American Pastors.  They say same-sex rights aren’t the same as civil rights.

“For the homosexuals to say it’s the same as the civil rights movement where our mothers and grandmothers were hung and persecuted and we marched and sacrificed. For them to say it’s the same as the civil rights movement, is a disgrace,” said Coalition of African-American Pastors President Rev. Bill Owens.

They’re in Utah rallying support for religious freedoms they say President Obama isn’t protecting.

“What this man has done is started this country on an immoral path. It will take years to restore what this man has done,” said Rev. Bill Owens.

“We need all people of faith to push back against these anti-Christian policies,” said Coalition of African-American Pastors President Dr. Deborah Owens.

Group urges Utah to enforce Amendment 3


A group supporting traditional marriage has drafted a resolution urging Gov. Gary Herbert to enforce Utah’s Amendment 3, which a federal appeals court struck down as unconstitutional.

And one state lawmaker says it’s an issue he expects the Legislature will consider when it meets in regular session in January.

The Rev. Bill Owens, founder of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, held a news conference at the Capitol on Wednesday, saying people need to rise up against same-sex marriage.

“We’re going to fight until we eradicate this thing,” he said.

The coalition, based in Henderson, Nevada, describes itself as a grass-roots movement of Christians who believe in traditional family values. It’s calling for a new “civil rights movement” for faith and families.