George Soros is Funding the Enemies of the Family


You might not have heard of George Soros, but you’ve seen him in action. Or, more accurately, you’ve seen his money.

The billionaire is famous for funding the most destructive elements of the far Left, including organizations determined to strip everything that is great about America.

He gave $246 million to groups behind the “Women’s Strike,” a march that revolved around pro-abortion and anti-Trump rhetoric.

He’s given money to multiple abortion lobbyists, including Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. When Judge Neil Gorsuch finally gets his Supreme Court hearing, the opposition will doubtless come from groups funded by George Soros.

He’s a benefactor of the Human Rights Campaign and other groups associated with LGBT issues.

He’s funded multiple groups that support unlimited immigration.

He has even been connected to groups that encourage riots and violent protests … including Black Lives Matter.

What can we do against such a rich and powerful adversary? Fight back!

Unlike the radical organizations that benefit from George Soros’ political manipulations, we don’t have a billionaire backing us. But we have something else: the support of millions of people who are unwilling to abandon their values.

For years, CAAP has been on the forefront of the fight to defend faith and family. When President Obama betrayed our trust on traditional marriage, we were the first to call him out. We have continually decried the hijacking of the civil rights movement in the name of the LGBT agenda. And we have stood up for religious liberty and the rights of Christians.

When some were too timid to defend President Trump, we asked voters to give him a chance. And we spoke directly to African Americans, letting them know that it was time to abandon the Democratic Party and call them out for the harm Democratic policies have done to the black community.

From organizing against the push for transgender bathrooms to speaking out for religious freedom, CAAP has always been ready to work for truth.

No, we don’t have a billionaire in our corner. Nor do we get money from big foundations or corporations. But we do have a committed and passionate group of supporters who have helped us achieve so much.

And we need your help! Please support us in our fight against the well-funded pro-LGBT, pro-abortion groups on the Left by sending your best donation today. No gift is too small, and every contribution is greatly appreciated.

Help us show people like George Soros that all the money in the world can’t destroy the values that make our country great.