If you’ve been watching some of the political hysteria that has gripped our country in recent weeks, you might have wondered if there were darker forces at work.

Sadly, that seems to be true.

As a number of news outlets are now reporting, a group of self-proclaimed witches are promoting a mass spell to “bind” President Donald Trump. They claim that this is just a “defensive” effort to keep the President from passing laws they don’t like. But that’s not how most of us would characterize an attempt to call up on the powers of hell.

This may sound completely outrageous, but I assure you that it’s true. On the Facebook page and multiple You Tube videos, you can find the instructions for casting the spell, which includes gathering a photo of the President, an orange candle, a tarot card, and various “ingredients.” They even include the words of the spell, which contains this request: “Hear me … oh demons of the infernal realms…”

I’ve spoken before about needing to save the soul of our nation. Could there be a bigger sign of the danger ahead than this mass push for satanism?

Priests, pastors, and ministers┬áhave spoken out against this mass spell, not least because of what it can mean for our “weaker brother.”

Don’t be fooled: some media outlets might make light of the witches and their spell, but this is an attempt to bring satanic practice in our country’s mainstream. These people are literally calling upon forces of darkness to defeat Donald Trump. But they’re also recruiting, and that’s frightening.

They are calling upon powers they cannot understand in the deluded belief that they can use the devil for their ends. When we know that he would use them for his purposes.

What can we do? We need to pray. We must send up millions of prayers to our Lord that he will protect our country and our President.

We should also be concerned for the future of Christianity in our country. The enemies of faith and family are now so emboldened that they are invoking demons to serve their political purposes. We must come together to drive out this darkness with light and truth.

Christianity has been under attack for years, but this is the greatest threat yet. We must be ready to meet it. CAAP will continue to work to defend our faith.