On Nov. 2, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) demonstrated a level of disrespect and incivility that proved he is unfit to represent the people of his district. During a hearing on the Heartbeat Protection Bill of 2017, Rep. Cohen lost his temper and any hint of professional bearing and launched an attack on Star Parker, head of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

In his outburst, Rep. Cohen repeatedly called Ms. Parker “ignorant” – a defamatory claim intended to undercut Ms. Parker’s credibility. (And sadly, commonly used to belittle women and minorities.)

Though the Committee Chairman reprimanded Rep. Cohen for his actions, we feel that more is needed. The Congressman represents Tennessee’s 9th District – an area that is economically disadvantaged and about 60% African American. Rep. Cohen has shown that he is not fit to represent the people of his district. The people of Memphis deserve better.

Please sign the petition below and ask that Rep. Steve Cohen resign as Congressman for Tennessee’s 9th District!