This nation is at a historic crossroad. The choices we make now will set the course America follows for generations. To protect our freedoms and faith, we need a broad base of support. Civil Rights veteran, Rev. Bill Owens, who has advised senators, governors and presidential candidates, believes he can help.

Rev. Owens has five simple points he wants to share with Christian activists:

• “I believe people who value faith, morality, freedom and justice have a responsibility to take a stand.”

• “I believe, despite lots of opinion to the contrary, there is a deep well of support in the Black community for traditional American values. ”

• “I believe people of color are tired of being taken for granted by the liberal elites.”

• “I believe church pews across America are filled with people of color just waiting to be invited to the table.”

• “AND I BELIEVE I can deliver that invitation.”

Rev. Owens and The Coalition of African-American Pastors have been working with evangelical activists and political leaders for a number of years. The group is now launching a new initiative to actively organize support in the Black community for key issues on the Christian agenda. For more information, please visit the Crossroad USA web site.