For years, we have noted an alarming Leftward shift in the priorities and platform of the Democratic Party. Once a place that welcomed more moderate and conservative views, the Party has become hostile to its Christian and more conservative members, even pushing them out of the Party and actively working against their election.

This is not good for the Party, and it is not good for America. Join our petition below and tell the leaders of the Democratic Party, from Rep. Pelosi to Sen. Schumer and former-VP Biden, that they must stop this dangerous trend!

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the radical shift in the Democratic Party, as reflected in its rhetoric and embrace of socialist/radical Left positions. Democratic leaders have even been guilty of pushing moderate and conservative Democrats out of the Party.

We deserve a Party that accurately represents the diversity of views in America – not only the far-Left views of a select elite. In this election year, we ask you to ensure that moderate and conservative Democrats are still welcome in the Party as reflected in a platform that respects the values of faith, life, freedom, and family.