It takes a lot of courage to stand up for Biblical values in a culture that has become increasingly hostile to faith, life, and family.

That’s why we were so pleased at the success of our Standing in the Gap luncheon last week. Not only was it well-attended, but it was a joy to listen to Dr. Alveda King speak on her life, her ministry, and the importance of the task before us.

We’ll be sharing more from the luncheon in the next newsletter (including a video and a few big announcements), but today I want to focus on the special honorees at the luncheon – the recipients of the Letter from Birmingham Jail Award.

Named after the famous essay from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Letter from Birmingham Jail Award celebrates the courage of those who stand for justice, love, and faith – even in the face of criticism and scorn. This year, we honored four separate recipients of CAAP’s Letter from Birmingham Jail Award. They were:

Dr. Ed & Mrs. Leslie Holliday – A dentist from Mississippi, Dr. Holliday has served as an advisor and ardent supporter of CAAP for almost 17 years.

Dr. Steven and Mrs. Janie Hotze –  Longtime supporters of CAAP, the Hotzes have been instrumental in helping us build our multicultural coalition and have introduced us to several notable persons over the years.

Dr. Alveda King – Dr. Alveda King has been a friend and advisor to CAAP for almost 25 years. She has been a strong advocate for the unborn and has been standing in the gap for the voiceless for many decades.

Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Linda Schmidt – Dear friends and advisors of CAAP, the Schmidts are well-known for both their faith and their generosity in supporting a wide variety of causes and ministries.

Standing in the gap is not only about being the person on the front lines – talking to politicians, facing down hostile members of the media, and publicly speaking in defense of our values. It also means offering support, advice, and inspiration. Not all of us can take that public role, but all of us have the ability to stand in the gap.

We are honored to have friends and advisors like this year’s Letter from Birmingham Jail Award recipients. I hope you’ll join me in applauding them for all that they do to stand in the gap for Biblical principles.