Dr. Deborah Owens says it’s time to re-open schools

Today, the Coalition of African American Pastors, a national, Black-led organization that promotes Biblical principles and education, criticized the political disputes that have led to the continued closing of schools. 

In a video made as part of the organization’s ongoing YouTube series, “Wisdom for Today,” Dr. Deborah Owens, executive director of CAAP, referenced the current situation in Chicago, where an impasse between the mayor and teachers union has led to COVID-related school closures.

A professional educator, Dr. Owens understands the concerns of teachers. However, she is deeply concerned about the damage done to children during the COVID lockdowns and school closures.

“Children should not be used as political pawns in the ongoing debate over COVID-19 and education policy,” said Dr. Owens. “Many children are already a year or more behind in their studies and are in danger of having their futures permanently affected by the political squabbles of those in power.”

“The past two years have been very difficult for all concerned, and I have nothing but sympathy for those who are trying to navigate the issues involved in returning to pre-pandemic learning,” she continued. “However, continued closures are no longer an option.”

“The future of our children is what matters most, but these closures force them to fall further and further behind. I urge those involved to put their political differences aside, reopen the schools, and return to in-person learning,” she concluded.

The video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/-tlwFGnYMHE