The warning signs have been all around us.

As the Left continues to try to promote broad social acceptance of fringe behaviors, it was inevitable that we would see a concerted effort to normalize pedophilia.

We’ve seen it in the sexualization of children – as in the Netflix movie “Cuties.” And now we’re seeing it in the use of “science” to minimize and redefine what pedophilia is.

This week, USA Today published an article that was originally titled “What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia.” The article purported to draw a line between sexual attraction to children and molestation (or acting on that attraction) and pointed to research demonstrating that not everyone who has pedophilic urges acts upon them.

The media outlet promoted the article in a series of tweets attempting to establish a separation between pedophilia and sexual abuse. One tweet read, “A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children, but not all pedophiles abuse kids, and some people who sexually abuse kids are not pedophiles.”

Over a year ago, we discussed the effort to normalize and destigmatize pedophilia in an episode of Wisdom for Today. In it, we warned that radicals wanted to reclassify pedophilia into just another sexual preference. (The petition that we mentioned regarding the movie “Cuties” brought in hundreds of signatures and was sent to the CEO of Netflix.)

USA Today was rightly criticized for the article, and they responded by taking down the original twitter thread on the article and retitling it “The complicated research behind pedophilia.” 

However, we shouldn’t be surprised to see “science” brought into the effort to normalize sexual attraction to children. As we warned in the video above, this is part of a larger effort from the radical Left.

It began with same-sex marriage and continued with transgenderism. At the time, we said that if same sex marriage became law, it would open the door to the societal acceptance of every deviant sexual behavior. Now we are seeing that prediction come true.

This is an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but we cannot close our eyes to what is going on in our culture. The people who suffer from pedophilic urges need psychiatric help, not normalization and acceptance. And we have a responsibility to protect children from such people – and from those who wish to minimize and normalize their behavior.

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