Earlier this week, I visited Washington, DC – where thousands braved the cold weather to make a statement for the defense of the unborn.

Abortion is, fundamentally, a civil rights issue. That’s because it is about depriving the unborn of the first and most basic human right – the right to life.

For African Americans and minorities, there is another ugly facet to abortion in the fact that abortion and family planning have their roots in discriminatory and eugenicist policies. People like Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) wanted to use abortion to rid society of undesirables, like the disabled and racial minorities. Even now, Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics tend to target minority neighborhoods. And African American children are aborted at a higher rate than any other group.

Every year, pro-lifers gather in Washington, DC on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. They meet with politicians and march to the Supreme Court to protest the continued policy of abortion-on-demand in the U.S.

This year, I was there to pray for the Supreme Court at the annual prayer service at Constitution Hall. I prayed for our country and that the justices of the Supreme Court would recognize that they are not themselves supreme, but must submit to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

With a key abortion case to be decided this session, that prayer was especially poignant.

In addition to meeting pro-life marchers from around the country, I was able to spend time with some of the leading lights of the pro-life movement. Our good friend Dr. Alveda King was there, as was Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, a friend of CAAP who always plays a significant role at the March. At the March to receive an award was Janet Porter, the originator of the heartbeat bills that are changing the way that courts and legislators think about abortion laws.

CAAP has always been an advocate for the unborn, and it was inspiring to be surrounded by so many committed activists for life. 

I was honored to be part of the event, praying for the unborn and for our country. And I will continue to do so until we see an end to the tragedy of 800,000 (and more) abortions every year in America.