Ignorance is the left’s biggest weapon in the effort to spread critical race theory.

Americans are generally good people who want to correct the wrongs of the past. And the radical left takes advantage of that fact to advance critical race theory, a divisive approach to teaching history (and other subjects) that makes race the center of every element of American society. Critical race theory teaches children that America is fundamentally racist, that its government and system are set up to perpetuate racism, and that the only solution is to take down those systems and remake them.

At its core, critical race theory is, in fact racist. It approaches the topic of race in a way that is damaging to children and destructive to our nation. But CRT proponents don’t tell the truth about what it is. They try to act as through critical race theory is just an attempt to right past wrongs. They try to cast those who oppose CRT as racist or anti-freedom (when, in fact, we are the opposite).

We cannot be silenced by leftist propaganda. We must stand up and tell the truth about CRT. That starts with helping people understand what critical race theory really is, its goals, and its teachings. That’s why we’ve put my presentation on the basics of CRT on YouTube for you to watch and share with others.

We have an important role to play in debunking critical race theory and letting it be known that we do not support the teaching of CRT.

This week, Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (the first Black female Lt. Gov. in the state’s history) spoke out against the teaching of CRT in Virginia schools, saying, “”Let’s talk about what’s really happening. Our children are not learning. We don’t have time to teach about oppression, that the child is a victim, that the White kids are the oppressors. We don’t have time in a school day for that.”

Critical race theory is hurting our children. If we let it continue, it will undermine our country and sow racial division that may take decades to repair.

And it’s not just in education where CRT is damaging our society. Leftist prosecutors and district attorneys are citing the principles of CRT in their decision not to pursue charges or serious sentences against criminals. 

Earlier this month, newly-elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg released a memo announcing that his office would no longer prosecute some crimes – such as resisting arrest, prosecuting, and trespassing. Nor will they prosecute for armed robbery if the criminals stole less than $1000 in goods (instead, going with the much lesser charge of petty larceny). Even for those criminals they do prosecute (like murderers), Bragg’s office will not seek any sentence longer than 20 years and will not seek a life sentence without parole. Presumably, this means that Bragg will also be looking for reduced sentences on a host of other offenses.

New York isn’t the only place that has replaced its criminal justice system with a free pass for criminality under the principles of CRT. Other cities, like San Francisco and Philadelphia, have done the same, resulting in an unsurprising rise in crime. In San Francisco – which had jumped aboard the “defund the police” bandwagon, the situation has gotten so bad that the mayor is now promising an end to the “reign of criminals” in their city.

CAAP is helping lead the charge against CRT and the leftist takeover of American institutions. But we need your help!

Please continue to share our newsletters and videos and do not be afraid to speak out against the spread of CRT in your community. If we want to put America on the right path, we must put an end to the spread of this wrongheaded Marxist theory.