Why are so many people afraid to speak the truth, especially when it comes to defending our culture against the radical left?

The rise of transgender ideology has consistently targeted women and women’s spaces. First it was restrooms and dressing rooms. Then, battered women’s shelters came under fire for not wanting to relax their rules barring males (rules that exist for a very obvious reason) to allow trans women in. Now, female athletes are expected to be silent and accept the presence of biological males participating in (and generally dominating) their sports.

It just goes to show how hollow the leftist feminist movement has turned out to be. Threaten to prevent someone from aborting a baby girl in the third trimester, and the “feminists” will scream in protest. Force women and girls to surrender decades of hard work and achievement so that a biological male can grab their trophies, scholarships, and accolades, and you don’t hear a peep from the “feminists.” One wonders if they care about women at all.

That’s why it’s up to us to defend our culture and our values. You can start by signing CAAP’s petition to save women’s sports.

The left wants to play with language, muddy the waters, and silence those who would tell the truth about the transgender movement. So let’s get right to the point:

It’s cheating.

It is cheating to allow a biological male to compete against women in any sport that includes a division by sex. There’s a reason those separate divisions exist, and they have to do with men’s natural biological advantages.

Women should not have to compete against men. Period. End of discussion. There’s no exception for men who started taking hormone blockers or aren’t as big or strong as their peers or who have started to transition. “This man isn’t as good as some other male athletes,” is not a valid reason to allow him to compete with women. Sports have rules for a reason. This must be one of those rules: No men in women’s sports.

If you agree, please consider signing CAAP’s petition to save women’s sports. We are asking the NCAA to establish rules that require all participants in college athletics to compete in the division that reflects their biological sex.

Once you’ve signed on, please send it to your friends and social network. Then, if you want to do more, please consider making a donation that will help us continue our work in defense of Christian values.

It’s clear that the spread of transgender ideology will only stop if enough of us stand up and demand an end to this madness. Are you with us?