Nothing in the 2020 election suggested that the American people wanted to see more extreme leftism in their government, neighborhoods, and schools.

The Biden administration, however, has missed the memo. 

In typically tone-deaf fashion, Biden and his cabinet continue to advance a far-left agenda, even as parents across the country are increasingly rejecting transgender ideology, critical race theory, and other efforts to indoctrinate our children.

Having already endorsed gender transition (including reassignment procedures) for children, the Biden administration is now amplifying its efforts to remake our society by changing the rules associated with Title IX to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Title IX is part of a 1972 civil rights law that was intended to address sex-based discrimination in schools. It is often credited with the rise of women’s athletics and other women’s programs in America, especially in higher education.

The terrible irony is that the law that was passed to help women is now going to be used to dismantle women’s spaces and sports programs.

By expanding Title IX to apply to “gender identity,” the Biden administration will require every single-sex area or endeavor to be open to someone who simply identifies as that sex (regardless of biology). In plain language, the changes suggested by Biden will require women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, dorms, showers, and so on to be open to biological men/trans women.

Athletic programs will also be affected, as female athletes will be forced to compete against biological men – something that is both deeply unfair and potentially dangerous for the women who have worked hard to rise in their sports. Scholarships, team positions, and opportunities that were meant for women will have to be open to trans women or else the schools involved could lose federal funding.

Luckily, the changes to Title IX won’t take effect until after a period of public comment. So it’s not too late to let the Department of Education (and your elected representatives) know what you think about the new rule.

It’s clear that the Biden administration is determined to forward the leftist agenda, regardless of how unpopular it is. That’s why we must work together to defeat these initiatives. CAAP is dedicated to promoting Biblical truth and opposing these efforts to destroy the very meaning of womanhood. Will you join us?