The last week has been a difficult – and even frightening – one for the residents of Florida and the Southeastern US.

Hurricane Ian is the deadliest storm to hit Florida since 1935. The death toll has surpassed 100. Millions were left without power and thousands left homeless. Property damage is estimated in the hundreds of billions.

The people of Florida are trying desperately to put their communities back together, but they will need our help. 

As always, the Red Cross is raising money for the hurricane victims, as is the Salvation Army and several other organizations. The State of Florida also has a disaster relief fund that accepts contributions.

For those who prefer a more personal approach, I encourage you to contact your church about local efforts to aid  communities affected by the hurricane.

Finally, I hope you will join me in praying for the people of Florida, and for all the victims of the hurricane. 

Too often, we focus on the things that divide us in this country. But today, looking at the devastation and need in Florida, I hope we can come together in unity, forget our differences, put aside petty politics, and reach out in kindness and faith to help.