For the next week, you will probably be inundated with election advice.

There are the negative ads that pop up on your computer or interrupt your television viewing.

There are the flyers and postcards that end up on your door and in your mailbox.

And then there are the emails, the door-to-door visits, the op-eds, and the conversations.

If anyone tries to tell you elections don’t matter, then ask why so much money goes into trying to win them.

But with all of this advice, it’s easy to lose sight of what you should take with you to the ballot box. 

The truth is that you don’t need much to guide your vote. In fact, you only need one thing: a dedication to principle.

When you cast your vote this year, remember the things that matter most: faith, family, and freedom. Use your vote to advance Biblical values and vote for the candidate who most reflects your priorities. Pick the person who will stand up against the radical left’s takeover of education, the dangerous transgender agenda, and the advance of Marxist ideology. Pick the candidate who will defend parents’ rights and uphold your beliefs.

Do not forget the importance of education! As we explain on the new Mission Education website, our schools are the new cultural battlefield, and we need to ensure that children have the resources and support they need to thrive there. 

Finally, please remember that every electoral race matters. Even the county council or local school board seat can make a difference. 

On November 8th, don’t forget to vote your values.