Anyone who says, “elections don’t matter,” or, “politicians are all the same,” isn’t paying attention.

Elections matter immensely. And not just the big ones, like presidential elections. Every seat matters.

At the Congressional level, your vote will determine whether Congress passes laws that further erode religious freedom, allow men to compete in women’s sports, and promote abortion.

All of these are measures that have been introduced in the past several years and have received strong support in the House. 

A few seats can be the difference between a Congress that is intent on pushing through a Leftist, Marxist agenda and one that is willing to stop critical race theory, transgender ideology, and radical pro-abortion laws.

At the state level, your vote will affect the school curriculum, the future of pro-life legislation, parents’ rights, school choice, and your state’s own stance on transgenderism in schools.

At the county and municipal level, your vote makes a difference when it comes to local school decisions (including curricula, transgender bathrooms, parents’ rights, sex ed programs, adoption of critical race theory, and more). In addition, cities and counties often adopt their own policies that can be hostile to religious freedom.

What you do on election day can be the difference between a Congress, a state legislature, a governor, a school board, a mayor, and/or a county council that reflects your values … or one that is hostile to faith, family, and freedom.

If we are going to put a stop to radical leftist ideology and take our country back, it will begin at the ballot box.

On November 8th, don’t forget to vote. Most importantly, don’t forget to vote your values.