Texas Rep. Calls Out Speaker’s Hypocrisy on Bathroom Bill


It wasn’t long ago that sides were being drawn over SB 6, the Texas bill that would protect the privacy of women and girls in their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

Despite corporate bullying from the likes of the NFL, Texas legislators proceeded with their effort to block the intrusion of transgender ideology in public bathrooms. Meanwhile, those on the Left tried to urge people to declare, “I pee with LGBT.”

The state Senate passed the bill, which then proceeded to the state House. And there it has been stuck for weeks, unable to get a hearing or even get referred to the right committee.

This week, Rep. Tony Tinderholt called out state Speaker Joe Straus for blocking the bill and refusing to give it a referral. The interchange was captured on video, and it’s pretty satisfying to see Speaker Straus directly challenged on his political game-playing.

In his parliamentary inquiry, Rep. Tinderholt points out that even a bill that was submitted as a satirical joke has been referred to a House committee. But in the case of SB 6, which has strong support, the Speaker continues to block its passage using underhanded procedural methods.

Clearly, Speaker Straus has ties to the pro-abortion, pro-LGBT wing of the Texas Democratic Party. How else can he account for his refusal to let the Texas House vote on the issue? Especially because polls show substantial popular support for the bill!

The LGBT extremists are using the same playbook to push for transgender rights as they did when they forced same-sex marriage on an unwilling populace. This time, however, we’re ready.

If politicians won’t answer to the people and our concerns about privacy and safety, then we must make them feel the consequences. If you would like to contact Speaker Straus and urge him to allow SB 6 a fair hearing and vote, you can find his phone number and email here.

We are not going to be bullied into throwing away our values in favor of a radical, pro-LGBT agenda — not by companies like Target or Paypal, and not by politicians like Joe Straus. Please stand with CAAP and help us send a very clear message to every legislator in this country: there will be no men in women’s bathrooms!