We know why politicians don’t want to get involved in the bathroom issue. The problem is that by sticking their heads in the sand, they all but guarantee that the fight over transgender ideology will follow the same route that the fight over same-sex marriage did.

Unless those of us who learned from that experience step in and stop it.

This week, we went to Houston and held a press conference to call out Speaker Joe Straus of the Texas House of Representatives. More than any other politician, Speaker Straus stands for the “do nothing” wing of Republican leadership — the ones who want to ignore Christians and hope the transgender issue goes away.

But we know better. That’s why we called for a hearing and vote on SB6 (the Texas Bathroom Bill). You can see more of the powerful speakers that day in the video below.

This trip to Houston was about protecting the privacy of women and girls. But there’s more than that at stake in this fight. We need to recognize that this is one more step down the slippery slope that leads to a total embrace of LGBT views.

In order to keep the momentum from this event going strong, we need your help.

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Of course, we’re not about to let up the pressure on Speaker Straus. We are still urging people to sign and share our petition, demanding that Speaker Straus give SB 6 a fair hearing, and a vote.

We also encourage everyone on Twitter to tweet Speaker Straus using our new advocacy system. Tell the world that we’re tired of his evasions.

And we are pushing for a face-to-face meeting with Speaker Straus himself. We plan to demonstrate to him that Christian voters are tired of being ignored. In the past year, we’ve shown that this issue is a priority to us, and the Texas Legislature took notice. Now the Speaker needs to get with the program.

As we work to take this fight from Texas into every state in the union, we ask for your continued prayers and support. CAAP does not have big corporate donors or foundations backing our work, so we depend on our partners to help us continue. Please consider what you can afford to do to support faith and family and give your very best gift today.

We are in a critical struggle for our values and our way of life. And it will be a tough one. But we cannot afford to let up for even a moment — that is when the enemies of religious freedom and His Word will rush in to marginalize us and our beliefs. Make no mistake, we are in a culture war, and the future of our country depends on our ability to keep fighting.

For faith, family, and justice,

Rev. William and Dr. Deborah OwensP.S. CAAP has no corporate sponsors, but depends on the generous gifts of our faithful partners and friends. Please consider making a donation today.

The Coalition of African American Pastors, [aka] The Coalition for American Action and Principles, is a grass roots movement of Christians who believe in traditional family values in American public life.  We believe in protecting the lives of the unborn, and defending the sacred institution of marriage. 

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