I would like to take a moment to thank you and all you’ve done to support CAAP in these last several months. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to us to receive your prayers, encouraging messages, and donations.

Thanks for supporting our leadership meeting in Washington, D.C. last week. It was a strategic meeting with like-minded individuals who share our core values. We were privileged to hold it at The Washington Times headquarters. The Washington Times (TWT) is a premier conservative publication with thousands of subscribers. And they are a great resource for CAAP and the work we do.

As you know, the political developments of the last several years have left many Christian/family organizations searching for a way to combat the combined influence of the radical left and the media. What has become clear is that a new strategy is needed, one that will create the foundation for long-term grassroots action and a successful national effort to re-affirm the values on which this country was founded.  The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) is planning to combine this inspiration and motivation with the creation of a nationwide activist network.

As you know, CAAP’s core pillars are: faith and religious freedom, marriage and family, life and justice. Education reform is a major thrust of our organization and it falls under our justice heading.

During our session, we discussed the primary facets of our mission and created a road map to the future.  We will unveil more about our meeting in a future newsletter.

However, during our meeting, we decided to place an ad in TWT and write an open letter to chairman, Kim Jong-un of North Korea. We must act quickly to fund the ad. We have already contracted a full-page ad in The Washington Times, which will be published tomorrow. We need you to please make an immediate contribution of $35.00 or more to help us pay for this important ad. 

Our open letter to Chairman Kim Jong-un is timely. I am writing to Chairman Kim Jong-un asking him to recognize the dignity and freedom that belong to the people by natural law. And to eliminate the government structures that prevent them from expressing those rights granted them by God.

Deborah and I have been given a unique ministry and we are equipped, ready and able to help bring about the needed change. We appreciate your partnership as we recognize we can’t do it alone. We urge you to please make a donation of $1000.00, $500.00, $250.00, $100.00 or even $10.00 today.  We thank you for your prayers and your financial support!

Together we can build a meaningful movement. This is my sincere desire.  Let us create a common force of grassroots people to affect the positive change we need in America and indeed our world!  This change will happen when people of faith join forces and make it happen! The Church, especially the Black church has the greatest potential to rebuild the moral fabric in our communities.

Please consider making an urgent financial donation TODAY! For your generous donation of $50.00 or more, we will send you a copy of One Nation Under God, which was published  by Judge Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court.

It is our firm belief that CAAP and our partners–who are all ordinary people–can make a profound difference in this country. Through prayer and faith in God we will succeed!

We ask for your continued prayers and your financial support. Please send your best gift today. No donation is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated.