As you know, CAAP will be holding a press conference in front of Houston’s City Hall on Tuesday, when we will call for an end to the stalling and political game-playing on SB6 (the Texas Bathroom Bill).

Some people have asked us why we chose Houston or why this issue should matter to those who live outside Texas. Allow me to explain…

Though many people associate the bathroom issue with North Carolina and President Obama’s federal action, Houston is really where we launched the first big fight on the issue. Before the city of Charlotte pushed the state of North Carolina to create its own bathroom bill, the city of Houston was trying to create genderless bathrooms in service to the LGBTQ agenda.

It’s also where we first saw how this issue would infringe on religious freedom. In the effort to intimidate the groups who opposed Houston’s bathroom ordinance, the Mayor of Houston tried to subpoena the sermons of pastors who had helped organize against trans-bathrooms.

CAAP joined with those Pastors to protest the attack on our faith. And we worked to defeat the bathroom initiative (and the politicians who supported it). The people of Houston understand how this issue is being used to advance the agenda of the far Left, and they know what it takes to defeat it.

But why should this bill matter if you don’t live in Texas?

If you remember the fight over same-sex marriage, you should already know the answer.

Make no mistake–most politicians would rather not deal with this issue. It’s unpopular with the media and gets them a lot of critical tweets and mail. And their best avoidance tactic is to claim that it isn’t really an issue in their area, that it doesn’t require action, that it will never become a widespread “thing.”

Sound familiar?

Our side can be forgiven for feeling exhausted by the fight. We’ve had a few key political victories lately, and it tends to make us feel like we can enjoy a well-deserved rest.

I was thinking about this as we celebrated President Trump’s 100 days (a little early) with the Nevada Republican Party. In that little time, we’ve seen a roll-back of President Obama’s school bathroom mandate, the removal of a policy that forced states to help fund Planned Parenthood, and the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch. These are big wins for defenders of faith and family. But there are also some big battles ahead of us.

The far Left and the LGBTQ extremists might have lost the election, but that has only made them more aggressive. And they’ve never had a large base of popular support. So instead, they will continue to do what they’ve always done–seek ways to advance their agenda through courts, school boards, and by preventing legislation like SB6.

We need to keep the pressure on and keep working to take back our country. If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing our petition, demanding that Speaker Straus give SB 6 a referral, a fair hearing, and a vote.

You can also tweet Speaker Straus and demand that he make the bathroom bill a priority. Just click here and use our new advocacy system. (We’ve even written a sample tweet for you to use. We know how hard it can be to say everything you need to say in less than 140 characters).

Finally, please consider making a donation and helping us in our efforts to organize a nationwide campaign against transgender ideology. Texas may be the battleground today, but this is truly an issue that touches every state in the nation.