States have a way of defining themselves by the kind of people they elect and the kind of legislation they prioritize.

And what Oregon cares about is supporting the abortion industry (never forget that abortion is a billion-dollar business). That’s why Oregon is handing out free abortions to everyone in the state … even illegal immigrants.

It sounds shocking, but it’s true. The Oregon legislature just passed a law allocating $500,000 for taxpayer-funded abortions, guaranteeing that everyone in the state – even illegal immigrants – can have an abortion. Insurers are required to pay 100% of abortion costs. And if an insurer has a moral objection to abortion, people can be reimbursed by the state for killing their unborn children.

In a truly unbelievable moment, one state representative praised the law for guaranteeing abortions for all, “regardless of their economic status, their gender identity or their citizen status.”

If you are getting a state-funded abortion, is your gender identity really in doubt?

The sad truth is that if you live in Oregon, you are now paying for abortion on demand. There is no consideration for the trauma it may cause for women, the alternatives that are available, or the moral problems in making the death of the unborn a government priority. This is the world we now live in. Last year, I told Breitbart in an interview:

“As women, the last thing we should be pushing is the abortion agenda. What about the lives of the unborn? Who speaks for the millions of children who are murdered via abortion each year in our nation? And it is all done in the name of human rights. Does the child have any rights?”

It is deeply troubling to me that a society that seems so focused on race suddenly develops blinders when it comes to the effect of abortion on the black community.

Few will admit it, but Planned Parenthood was started with the eugenicist goal of eliminating “inferior” races – like African Americans. And abortion has been their most effective tool. It has been nothing less than a genocide for the black community, as black women have abortions at a higher rate than any other group. As I once told Breitbart News:

“While there is no debate that Black Lives do matter, but I ask is it only black lives that matter? And if so, then when does it matter? Should it not matter at conception?”

It is deeply disturbing to see abortion celebrated and encouraged as Oregon has done. This is not the way to create a culture that values family, God, and human life.

Please join me in praying for the women and children who are being targeted by the Oregon abortion lobby. And let us also work together to make this a country where every life is sacred.