Today is that National Day of Prayer. For those of us who pray for our nation and our leaders every day, it may seem a bit redundant, but there’s an important purpose at work here.

You may not need the reminder to pray for our country, but many others do. We all benefit from taking a day to recognize a greater purpose at work. And everyone can benefit from the message that we must humble ourselves before God and seek His guidance as we work to restore His place in the public square.

What’s more, it is a chance to focus on those things that are most important – like life, faith, and family. If these are strong, our nation will be strong. But where respect for them is destroyed, rot sets in and we begin to lose our way.

That’s why I want to encourage you to pray for Iowa today. The state just became the fourth in the nation to pass a Heartbeat Bill. A direct reminder that abortion stops a beating heart, the Heartbeat Bill protects unborn children whose heartbeats can be detected.

Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action (a good friend of CAAP) has been warning Christians of what can happen when so-called “allies” turn their back on these important principles. Though the Heartbeat Bill enjoys strong support (not only from most Republicans, but most Democrats as well), when the Ohio legislature passed their version of the bill, Governor Kasich vetoed it.

We join Janet in urging all Iowans to call Governor Kim Reynolds at 515-281-5211 and ask her to sign the Heartbeat Bill. Meanwhile, we will be praying that Iowa becomes the third state to successfully pass this landmark legislation protecting the unborn.

One of the challenges in being a national organization for faith, family, and freedom is that it can sometimes feel like we are needed everywhere. We do our best to respond every time that Christian values are threatened, as you can see from our petition opposing California’s attempt to ban Christian counseling for adults. And whenever we get a request for help, we reach out with whatever resources are available to answer the needs of our members and partners.

We network with national organizations, build coalitions, launch education campaigns, and are building a powerful grassroots network focused on setting our nation on the right path. We also rely heavily on the support, prayers, and help of our committed partners.

Please help us spread the word about the threats to faith, family, and Christian rights. We need people to understand how much their votes count … that it’s in their power to help stop the anti–family agenda of the far Left.

For example, Texas will be having a special election on May 22. Urge family and friends in Texas to examine a voter guide and vote their values – not their party affiliation, not based on media persuasion or what they see on Facebook and Twitter – just vote based on which candidate best encompasses the Christian values they hold dear.

On this National Day of Prayer, I’m also asking you to pray for us and our mission. For those of us at CAAP, this isn’t a job … it’s a calling. Knowing that you are praying for us and our country is a source of strength and comfort for us.

Finally, if you wish to offer us some material support, please consider making a pledge or monthly gift to CAAP through our secure donation link.

We may be in a perilous time for Christian rights, but today is a day for hope and faith. Join me as I pray for our President, judges, legislators, and policymakers at every level. The future of our country is in all of our hands.