Racism has infiltrated our schools in the name of “equity”


If you’ve wondered why it feels like our country has taken a giant step backward in racial harmony, the answer is simple: Marxism. Or, more accurately, critical race theory, an offshoot of Marxism that has taken over the left, the universities, and is creeping into our culture.

For a long time, critical race theory was just one of many leftist fringe theories that inhabited the world of academia. To simplify it, critical race theory takes Marxist philosophy and replaces “class” with “race”. Thus every social ill can be blamed on race. Every statistical difference between outcomes in life is attributed to “systemic racism.” It is not necessary to come up with examples of how an institution is racist or provide proof of “systemic racism.” The very fact that racial disparities exist is taken as sufficient proof that the system is racist. 

If you’re thinking that such logic requires you to ignore data and statistics that demonstrate other reasons for different life outcomes – like education levels, employment history, whether there are two parents in the home, etc. – then you’re right. Critical race theory dismisses such factors. If you’re thinking that the obvious conclusion of critical race theory is that America is racist and so are it’s people, then you’ve hit on the fundamental belief of critical race theory.

According to critical race theory, America is a racist country, built on racist foundations, and held together by racist systems. The courts, the legislatures, law enforcement, even the people, are fundamentally racist. The only solution – to people who hold these beliefs – is to dismantle these systems and implement some kind of redistributive “justice” based on race, of course.

It’s bad enough that critical race theory has made its way into politics, higher education, corporate culture, and entertainment media. But as Deborah explained in a recent interview with Intercessors for America, Critical race theory is also infiltrating our schools.

In the classroom, critic​al race theory teaches children that: America is racist. Capitalism is racist and wrong. White people are responsible for that racism and should bear shame and guilt for their part in that and the “privilege” that they experience.At the elementary level, this becomes: America is bad because it is racist and white people are responsible for that.

On the right is a proposed flier made for the Smithsonian intended to teach schoolchildren about race.

Note that it categorizes things like the scientific method, the nuclear family, punctuality, self-reliance, hard work, and competition as “white” or aspects of “white culture.”

It isn’t hard to see how damaging this kind of lesson can be.

It’s ironic that critical race theory engages in blatant racism while claiming to fight racism. Even worse, critical race theory adherents often embrace principles of segregation and racial division – the very opposite of what the civil rights activists were aiming for.

Unfortunately, multiple states (including California and Virginia) have already instilled some aspects of critical race theory in their public school curriculums. While a few states (like Florida) have pushed back on teaching critical race theory in schools, this anti-American indoctrination is already widespread. 

To stop it, check out this guide from Mission Education and get involved at the local and state level. The only way to put an end to the racial division and anger in our society is to discredit critical race theory and show the world how damaging it really is.

Those of us who fought for equality and civil rights are dismayed to see how our work has been twisted to support intolerance. We cannot ignore the threat that critical race theory poses to our country and our culture.