A few years ago, if someone had said that a global pandemic was going to disrupt the economy, cause lockdowns and a shift to virtual schooling, foster the spread of critical race theory and transgender ideology, and profoundly damage the mental health and well-bring of a generation of school children … you would have thought that they were describing a movie, not real life.

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Two years after the onset of the COVID-19 lockdowns, we are only beginning to grasp the long-term damage that has been done to our children. Many children have fallen one to two years behind in their education and will struggle to catch up with their peers. Reading and math scores – already falling before COVID-19 hit – have dropped even further. In some areas, students scored 17 points lower on average in math and 11 points lower in reading compared to before the pandemic.

The lockdowns and isolation were devastating to the development and mental health of children, making them even more vulnerable to transgender ideology and the far left agenda. With the nation distracted and in chaos, critical race theory took hold of the media and infiltrated the classroom.

In other words, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

These issues are more important than ever. We must educate the public about what is happening in our schools so that they can make the best choice at the ballot box. The people voted into office this November will be making policies that will affect our children and grandchildren. Will they stop the effort to push critical race theory and leftist indoctrination in the curriculum? Will they protect the integrity of girls’ sports or force young women to race and compete against men? Will they respect the right of parents to direct their children’s education?

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CAAP is uniquely positioned to make a real difference in this debate. Bill and I are both educators and have the background, experience, and credibility to speak on these issues.

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