Good news!

Your letters and calls have made a difference! Due to the public outcry over the news social studies curriculum, the Texas State Board of Education has decided to postpone today’s scheduled votes on the revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

As you may recall from last week’s email, the new TEKS standards reflected a leftist, globalist view of history and civics. The traditional emphasis on American values, including liberty and our founding documents (not to mention the Founding Fathers) would have been given scant attention in order to champion lessons on world religions and being a “global citizen.”

Under those standards, Abraham Lincoln would be given short shrift in order to learn about Islam. And the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s would have been tied into “intersectionality” and the LGBTQ+ movement of today.

Because so many concerned citizens contacted the Board of Education (and TEA Commissioner Morath), the board can no longer pass the new curriculum by stealth. Thus, they have shelved today’s vote in favor of an update.

But that doesn’t mean that the revised TEKS standards are gone forever.

Eventually, the new TEKS standards will come up for a vote, and we need to be ready.

This is not a situation where our concerns can be wiped away with a few minor changes. The worldview that underpins the new curriculum is the real problem. That’s why we want the SBOE to reject the new standards in full.

We will  be watching and waiting for the SBOE to announce the next vote on the TEKS standards and will be prepared to renew our objections. Today, we can celebrate our victory, but let’s continue to spread the word and be ready to continue the fight against classroom indoctrination!